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The Nation’s Report Card: Technology and Engineering Literacy (TEL)

The Nations Report Card


The online report presents results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 2014 technology and engineering literacy (TEL) assessment. The report includes national results on the performance of eighth-grade students. Results are presented in terms of average scale scores and as percentages of students performing at or above the three NAEP achievement levels: Basic, Proficient, and Advanced. In addition to overall scores, results are reported by racial/ethnic groups, gender, type of school, and other demographic groups. Results are also reported based on students’ responses to a survey questionnaire about their technology and engineering learning inside and outside of school. In addition, thorough descriptions of four released scenario-based tasks help to illustrate the types of skills measured as part of this first-ever NAEP TEL assessment. Overall findings indicate that female students scored higher than male students in TEL overall.  See the full report here:


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