Mathspace seeking 5 innovative districts in Mississippi for a semester pilot



We think the districts in your state need to be kept apprised of advancements in digital content and cutting edge technology. That is where we need your help. YOU know your districts. YOU know who is ready for digital curriculum. We are asking for your help to identify 5 LightHouse Districts in your state for a semester pilot.


  • The district can choose which schools, which classes, and grade levels to participate in the pilot. They can pilot with as many teachers and students as desired with no license cost.
  • We will discuss objectives and success metrics with the school administrators.


Here is a bit of information on Mathspace in case you would like to share it with selected educators.


Mathspace is the world’s first adaptive math program allowing students to receive feedback at every step of a math problem, with handwriting recognition for mobile devices. Each step of students’ math reasoning is automatically graded, with feedback, hints and suggestions guiding students to the final answer. Mathspace’s focus on the process of solving a math problem – rather than just the final result – distinguishes it from the vast majority of online math programs, which are primarily based around multiple-choice.

Mathspace includes a full digital textbook, instructional videos, a powerful adaptive learning engine, and is available on all devices, with alignment to multiple curricula (including the Common Core) for 3rd grade through to Precalculus.




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